Preschool – Elementary – Middle School – High School

The purpose of our school is to provide a sound academic education, integrating Biblical truths with the subject taught.  The academic requirements for each grade level are developed to meet the course of study prescribed by the Missouri State Department of Education, with emphasis on a high standard of achievement.

The purpose of our preschool is to provide a quality program for all of the children enrolled.  Our teachers create an environment in which each child is free to play, learn, experiment, and grow and his/her own rate.  Appropriate actions and behaviors will be encouraged and developed through daily living in a Christian atmosphere with loving staff members. The preschool at TGCA offers a 5 day program (Mon-Fri), 6:30 am – 6:00 pm.

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** Scholarships are available for grades K-8!**

Please contact Laura George at the
Today and Tomorrow Foundation
to learn more or apply.