Elementary School

The curriculum in the elementary school (K – 3) consists primarily of the Bob Jones curriculum. Grades K-2 use the A-Z Reading curriculum and Grades 4 and 5 use the Positive Action for Christ Bible curriculum. These materials offer sound scholarship, common sense skills, and are based on the Word of God. Our students have the opportunity to experience music, computer, art, and physical education classes. Our desire is to design a learning environment in which all students are taught the necessary material to make their elementary years productive, and to prepare them for middle school.

Middle/High School

The curriculum in the middle/high school (6 – 12) is designed to respond to the student’s increasing level of maturity. This maturation requires more specialization in order to meet the following objectives:

  1. To teach the skills necessary for effective comprehension, communication, and computation
  2. To provide a versatile college-preparatory curriculum
  3. To stimulate creative and critical speaking skills
  4. To aid them to recognize, in every area of study, the revelation of God in creation and in the Holy Scriptures
  5. To instill in each student an understanding and appreciation of the principles and values upon which our country was founded and the importance of their preservation


Teaching the preschooler to love learning is the long term goal of the preschool.  Currently, we are using the ABeka curriculum.  We will provide each classroom with the tools necessary to attend to the cognitive social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of the preschool child.  By emphasizing a center-based, hands on approach to learning, these materials will provide opportunities for each child to learn at his own developmental level and ability.  Motor skills, habits, listening, language, number and letter awareness and recognition, scientific investigation, and cultural knowledge are incorporated into the lessons.

Teachers have access to curriculum here.